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Polymer Processing Technologies

To ensure that your production continues to run smoothly, TRENDELKAMP is your expert when it comes to the efficient operation of extrusion equipment. TRENDELKAMP provides solutions for melt filtration, granular classification, material mixing and extruder degassing.

They continue to satisfy their customers worldwide due to their dedicated attention to detail and desire to solving challenging problems. They know the dynamic market of polymer processing and work closely with leading manufacturers of extrusion equipment.

Screen Changer / Start-up & Diverter Valves / Melt Pumps

  • Flow channels

    Optimized flow channels offer shear stress reduction on polymers

  • Pressure

    Minimum pressure drop across the screen changer

  • Environmentally friendly

    Lower screen costs – Rectangular screens create less screen waste

  • Efficiency

    Highly energy efficient due to insulated technologies

  • Operation

    Safe and easy to operate and maintain

Pellet Classifier

  • New quick release screens

  • Easy cleaning

  • Unique oscillating/linear movement prevents pellet bounce

  • Improved screening performance

  • Increase product quality

  • Maintenance free design

Underwater Pelletizer

  • Bypass Piping System

    Quick and safe production start-up

  • Cutting Chamber

    Simple water removing

  • Automated Control

    Blade adjustment and wear monitoring

  • Quality

    Consistent pellet sizes

  • Throughput Rates

    Up to 720 kg/hr | 1,590 lbs/hr and 2,500 kg/hr | 5,510 lbs/hr

  • Safety

    Simple and highly secure operation

Consultant Service

We offer efficient management and competent extrusion manufacturing consulting for the Canadian and US Plastics Industry.

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