Machinery Engineering by EICON

Machinery Engineering & Production

EICON develops complete and fully automized PO & PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines with special experience in engineering and production of plastic pipe extrusion downstream equipment. They also focus on engineering and planning of reinforced thermoplastic pipes and of pre-insulated pipes in continuous processes.

Part design, calculations, and production-layouts are also included in their product portfolio as also projecting and production of special machines for trial and serial production.

  • Pipe Heads

    PO & PVC pipe die heads

  • Die Heads

    PO coating die heads

  • Vacuum Tanks

    Vacuum tanks for all plastic materials in pipe diameter ranges from 10mm – 2500mm | 0.4“ – 96”

  • Cool Tanks

    Cool (Spray) tanks for all plastic materials in pipe diameter ranges from 10mm – 2500mm | 0.4“ – 96”

  • Pullers

    Caterpillars and Conveyer tracks in diameter ranges from 10mm – 2500mm | 0.4“ – 96”

  • Winches

    Startup winches for automatically starting the extrusion line

  • Cutting Machines

    High speed cutting machines (also Swarf less cutting for PVC pipes) in diameter ranges from 10mm to 630mm | 0.4“ – 25” (larger cutting machines can also be offered)

  • Tables & Tracks

    Tipping tables and roller tracks

  • Strands

    Single- / double strand extrusion lines

  • Combinations

    Puller / Cutting combination machinery (multifunction machine – one framework) available for single- / double strand extrusion

Consultant Service

We offer efficient management and competent extrusion manufacturing consulting for the Canadian and US Plastics Industry.

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