Calibration Sleeves by CCA

Calibration Sleeves for PE & PP Plastic Pipes

CCA develops reliable high-performance solutions for plastic pipe extrusion. Their high-quality calibration sleeves are used successfully all over the world to optimize complex production processes. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, they focus on long-term cooperative partnerships with their customers with their quality “Made in Germany”.

The key advantage of Calibration Sleeves by CCA is that with each adjustable sleeve you can run all SDR classes of one nominal pipe diameter without interrupting your pipe production process. The ROI for these sleeves is approximately between 9 months to 1 year, saving you money quickly.

  • Adjustable Calibration Sleeves

    High performance patented adjustable calibration sleeves
    One-Point | Two-Point | Four-Point-Adjustments

  • Conventional calibration sleeves

    High performance conventional calibration sleeves

  • Efficiency

    Robust & efficient sleeves (red brass and nickel) with an excellent thermal conductivity, cooling performance, and outstanding sliding properties

  • Sizes

    For PE and PP pipes from 14mm – 2,500mm | 1/2” – 96”

  • Productivity

    Extrusion line speed increase without compromising the pipe accuracy and quality

  • Ovality adjustment

    Ovality adjustment of the calibration sleeve (starting at 90mm | 3.5”) – so that always a ‘round’ pipe can be produced

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